Gain Greater Financial Flexibility With a Merchant Cash Advance

As a small business owner, you have big dreams and goals that require a healthy cash flow. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to meet those goals if you can’t get approved for a loan. At Vashon Capital, we know small businesses face an uphill battle when it comes to getting financial help. Many lenders require businesses to have great credit profiles and sufficient collateral before they’ll issue a loan.

Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have pristine credit or collateral because they’re too new or have run into financial difficulties in the past. If this sounds like your business, you may be better off getting a merchant cash advance.

Program Benefits

The merchant cash advance program gives you an immediate lump sum (up to $200,000 per business location) in exchange for a percentage of your credit card sales to come. You can be approved even if you don’t have perfect credit. A few notable program benefits include:

  • Easy payback terms
  • Quick funds
  • No closing costs or fixed monthly payments
  • No collateral required
  • Minimal paperwork
  • No application fee

Feel free to use your funds to expand, purchase supplies and inventory, advertise, or take care of any other business want or need. Your chance of being approved for this type of loan is good, even if you’ve been turned down for loans elsewhere.

Apply Today

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